Wheels Up

My website launched today! One might wonder why I titled this “Wheels Up”. Those who are in the Air Force or from an Air Force family (or pilots/pilot families of any type) will understand that “Wheels Up” is “taking off” for a flight. I have used “wheels up” for road trips and now for this blog.

I am an Air Force Brat. Our family began using this term for many accomplishments, not just for flying. It’s taken two and a half months to get this e-commerce website developed and published. I’m excited and anxious. I’m excited about this new endeavor. I’m anxious because I’m taking a risk. There are hundreds of artist sites and I’m not sure how well I will connect with social media sites and blog sites in order to develop a following. But, I am hopeful.

I am hopeful. I hope that people like and follow my site. I hope that my paintings can bring people joy and comfort, as they do to me. I have a tattoo that states, “Forward w/Purpose”. I believe this! We must be brave and move forward with purpose, no matter our age. Take risks, and move forward. Make choices, and move forward. Live your journey, and move forward. /per

Published by pattyraz51

05/18/2020: Hi to my fellow bloggers and/or readers!! I am 69 years of age. I have raised four lovely children as a single mother and those children have provided me with 8 lovely grandchildren, to date. I retired from nearly 30 years working in state government in March 2013. I worked mostly in management positions and as an investigator. As a child, I was affectionately called an “Air Force brat”. Our family lived in several countries and states before settling in central Illinois. In 1998, I moved to Arizona and call this my home. Since my retirement, I have worked in the solar industry and have developed a passion for trail hiking. I have returned back to some of my artsy roots and have made pottery, jewelry and painted. I am also writing and committing myself to developing my blog. I hope to bring comfort, motivation and inspiration to fellow bloggers and/or readers. I have a passion for life’s journey and hope this carries me for the next 30 years. Warm Regards.

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