How Do You Do It?

I do understand your question. I feel it. I majored in art education but never taught art. My life took a different path. I dabbled in oils and acrylics, silversmithing, beading and pottery. Now I’m retired and got into a bunch of clubs for these different mediums. I quit the clubs. Now, I’m focusing on acrylics and education about painting principles and techniques. I paint a lot and take as many free and less expensive lessons. I know I will visit my oils again soon, but my focus is minimizing and concentrating on mastering (to a point) my Acrylic medium. Later I will move on to possibly other mediums again, like my oils. I think that learning some real basics and applying them whether to acrylics or oils, my painting will only get better. That’s how I decided to declutter my brain and to focus on one or two mediums at a time. Do I miss the other mediums? Yes, but for once, I want to see proficiency in one area.

Sometimes I pose rhetorical questions. This is not one of them. I really want to know how you do it — “it” being the process of art. I contemplate …

How Do You Do It?

Published by pattyraz51

05/18/2020: Hi to my fellow bloggers and/or readers!! I am 69 years of age. I have raised four lovely children as a single mother and those children have provided me with 8 lovely grandchildren, to date. I retired from nearly 30 years working in state government in March 2013. I worked mostly in management positions and as an investigator. As a child, I was affectionately called an “Air Force brat”. Our family lived in several countries and states before settling in central Illinois. In 1998, I moved to Arizona and call this my home. Since my retirement, I have worked in the solar industry and have developed a passion for trail hiking. I have returned back to some of my artsy roots and have made pottery, jewelry and painted. I am also writing and committing myself to developing my blog. I hope to bring comfort, motivation and inspiration to fellow bloggers and/or readers. I have a passion for life’s journey and hope this carries me for the next 30 years. Warm Regards.

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