It’s a beautiful day in AZ. I’ve had such a good week painting. For the past five plus months, I’ve been babysitting my darling grandchild who recently turned 18 months-old. After working 11-hr days, I simply did not have the energy or mind-set for producing art work. I did paint off/on, but there is nothing like painting almost daily.

I am readjusting my website. The woo-commerce page wasn’t really working for me, so I stopped using woo-commerce through WordPress. I will post my art work on WordPress and will, in the near future, post a price list and a way to pay for art work. I will also set up shopping on Etsy, EBay, and Facebook. These will take a little time to set up, but I have sites set up. It will take me a bit of time to fully develop those sites for marketing my artwork.

Art sites I currently use for continuing education in art and posting my work include: Facebook.com/groups/letspaintwithplaid // Facebook.com/groups/masteringoilpainting // Facebook.com/groups/creativeinovation // Facebook.com/groups/painterly // ejohnrobinson.com // colorbyfeliks.com // jansenartstudio.com // members.learntopaint.academy // members.drawpaintacademy.com // decorativepaintersacademy.com

The sites above provide a wide variety of learning experiences. I’m sure there are thousands more sites, but the ones above are the ones I’ve currently found and are satisfied with. As time goes on, I’m sure I will find others.

This week I also received my second CoVid 19 vaccine. I feel such a relief having received my vaccines after a very long year. Yes, I still wear my double-mask when going out. And, I still social distance.

Back to painting. I find that I like a fairly loose approach to painting. I like dry brushing and the palette knife, as well as regular brush strokes. I find it harder to do fine detailed work, primarily because of some arthritis in my hands. It’s still possible, but my hands are sore afterwards. My paintings are realistic and impressionistic, for the most part. My favorite paints to date are Folk Art acrylics and Golden acrylics. I wish that Folk Art paint would come in the 4oz wide-mouth screw top bottles like Golden produces. I hate the 2oz squeeze top bottles because often times they have to sit upside down to get the paint down to the top. This is a problem with the FA Pure bottles, as they have rounded caps so they cannot be turned upside down to draw the paint down to the top. I want to get my oils out to paint with, of which I have a mixture of oil paint dating back some 50 years. A year or two ago, I went through them and cleaned tops and threw out those that were dry. I have a feeling that new oil paints would be better, but I will try to work with my old oils first before buying any replacements.

Remember, paints need to breathe, so do not frame with glass unless you use spacers. Also, varnish your paintings to protect them from the elements. Happy painting.

Published by pattyraz51

05/18/2020: Hi to my fellow bloggers and/or readers!! I am 69 years of age. I have raised four lovely children as a single mother and those children have provided me with 8 lovely grandchildren, to date. I retired from nearly 30 years working in state government in March 2013. I worked mostly in management positions and as an investigator. As a child, I was affectionately called an “Air Force brat”. Our family lived in several countries and states before settling in central Illinois. In 1998, I moved to Arizona and call this my home. Since my retirement, I have worked in the solar industry and have developed a passion for trail hiking. I have returned back to some of my artsy roots and have made pottery, jewelry and painted. I am also writing and committing myself to developing my blog. I hope to bring comfort, motivation and inspiration to fellow bloggers and/or readers. I have a passion for life’s journey and hope this carries me for the next 30 years. Warm Regards.

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