It’s a beautiful day in AZ. I’ve had such a good week painting. For the past five plus months, I’ve been babysitting my darling grandchild who recently turned 18 months-old. After working 11-hr days, I simply did not have the energy or mind-set for producing art work. I did paint off/on, but there is nothingContinue reading “03/19/2021”

TODAY (01/18/2021), I was going to write about one painting I recently completed that was not my most difficult, but I rate it as one of my best. The second painting I’m currently working is difficult in that I’m struggling to get it “right/good/beautiful” to my satisfaction. However, I’m struggling today. This morning, I’m outContinue reading

Essential Tremor Last week I received a diagnosis of essential tremor. In the past right before I retired in 2013, I noticed occasional head jerks. I thought that was stress due to our stressful environment. When I retired, that went away. However, during the summer of 2019, I had some trauma. I tore one ofContinue reading

Posted on October 4, 2020 by pattyraz51 — Leave a comment Thursday Lunch & Learn Painting Classes, offered for free by Plaid, provides a weekly painting project on their FB page. Andy B Jones is often the teacher for this class. This last week’s Lunch & Learn was a pumpkin patch painted by Andy. His lesson was to paint thisContinue reading

This has nothing to do with painting, but… BANANAS: What do you do with overly ripe bananas that are not yet brown? Here is what I’ve been doing for a few years now: Peel and cut into chunks. Put chunks into a freezer bag and freeze. (They do not brown when frozen.) Add frozen chunksContinue reading