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April Fool’s Day 2021

Greetings Fellow Artists! It’s a happy day when I can create. Currently, I’m still painting with Acrylics. I seem to be dragging my feet about getting my oils out. I have not set up shopping at the different sites I mentioned in March. Perhaps this month. The business gets in my way of painting. IContinue reading “April Fool’s Day 2021”


It’s a beautiful day in AZ. I’ve had such a good week painting. For the past five plus months, I’ve been babysitting my darling grandchild who recently turned 18 months-old. After working 11-hr days, I simply did not have the energy or mind-set for producing art work. I did paint off/on, but there is nothingContinue reading “03/19/2021”

TODAY (01/18/2021), I was going to write about one painting I recently completed that was not my most difficult, but I rate it as one of my best. The second painting I’m currently working is difficult in that I’m struggling to get it “right/good/beautiful” to my satisfaction. However, I’m struggling today. This morning, I’m outContinue reading

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